Captivating fans with his authenticity and idiosyncratic style Florida born singer, songwriter and live performer Ricky Valido best describes his music as his own take on modern traditional country. Blessed with a unique voice, Valido has captivated fans from all parts of the country. Ricky’s high energy shows have introduced audiences to a rattling and foot stomping hillbilly experience.

Ricky’s band “The Hialeah Hillbillies” were named after his hometown of Hialeah, Florida where he was born and raised. Ricky’s childhood, was always surrounded by strong family values. Ricky’s grandparents settled in the United States from the island of Cuba in the late 1960’s. Growing up, home was an oasis, encompassed with love, nature, and music. Ricky’s great grandmother bought him his first acoustic guitar around the age of eight. After graduating High School, Valido’s passion for wildlife inspired him to pursue a degree in Environmental Studies. Spending time in the great outdoors fueled Ricky’s songwriting.

Along the way, Ricky has had the opportunity to open up for various national acts. Ricky has also toured his home state of Florida playing over 100 shows annually at local bars, dance halls, festivals and everything in between. As he states, “I play everywhere and anywhere I can! My job is to make people feel something.”

Ricky offers a promising future in country music. This fine country gentleman will be releasing his highly anticipated debut album later this year.


I Love Livin' (2014)

69 Camaro (2012)